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Installation of Paintings, Drawings, Video works
Dimensions variable
(Works list available upon request)

A room filled with desire, longing, pain, pleasure and grief, a circle of the inner world.

Have you ever mistook desire for love? Pain for pleasure? Sex for intimacy? Hope for a promise? Symbolic for the real? Tapping into the sensitivity and vibration of the moment to let go and fall into an active volcano, enduring a simultaneous death and birth.

The wounded shapes leaning against walls are part of a new body of work where I continue my devotion to exploring the sentience of being through image-making. For me the new body, made of drawings, paintings and moving images, is a silent disclosure and an emptying of impressions and failures in desire, intimacy and love. To mark raw hurt is to give thanks to intense joy.

In error begins truth.

The Separation

Rememberance - home, the silent underwater place.

The scream - memory, birth is a lonely and painful process. 

Transition - desire, alive and swimming in the unsteady tides of love.
Rage - feeling, peeling off the silencing layers of fear and shame.

Lovers (11:11)

Placing ritual at the centre of the drawing practice to manifest cyclical forms and patterns tracing a doorway to the simulataneous world of birth and death -- moving from the edge into the centre and returning to the source to re-member oneself into wholeness.

Soundtrack (First We Take Manhattan by Tyskarna Fran Lund)

Symbiosis (Anger Understanding Itself)

Infinite Loops.
Evolving Conciousness.
All lines lead back to a circle.

Soundtrack (Gnossiennes: No.3 - Lent by Erik Satie, Reinbert de Leeuw)

The Perfect Circle π (22/7)

The beginning and end are One
Chaos breaking the Vitruvian circle
Life = Art

Soundtrack (from Horizon by Aldous Harding)

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