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The Separation

Rememberance - home, the silent underwater place.

The scream - memory, birth is a lonely and painful process. 

Transition - desire, alive and swimming in the unsteady tides of love.
Rage - feeling, peeling off the silencing layers of fear and shame.

Lovers (11:11)

Placing ritual at the centre of the drawing practice to manifest forms and patterns tracing a doorway to the simulataneous world of birth and death -- moving from the edge into the centre and returning to the source to re-member oneself into wholeness.

Soundtrack (First We Take Manhattan by Tyskarna Fran Lund)

Symbiosis (Anger Understanding Itself)

Taking the metaphor from the “Weighing of the Heart” ceremony from the Ancient Egyptians to bring forth traces and forms of developing and evolving consciousness through a ritual of drawing.

Soundtrack (Gnossiennes: No.3 - Lent by Erik Satie, Reinbert de Leeuw)

The Perfect Circle π (22/7)

The beginning and end are One
The Vitruvian Man is Wo/man 
Life = Art

Soundtrack (from Horizon by Aldous Harding)

Photo © Anni Katrin Elmer
Lot #83
Performance (with Julia Wolf)
Tights, synthetic wig, hollow fibre, sound
Dimensions variable

The costume and performance was a response to the sound piece created by artist Julia Wolf and the 10th Annual Central Saint Martins Art Auction at the Lethaby Gallery. The auction presented 82 lots of wall-based artworks. Combining sound and performance - art forms that spill out of the frame and transgress the limits of the image and wall space. Matching impalpable with corporeal, humorous with terrifying, to bring about questions and invite viewers to consider the value of artists and limitations of marketable art.

Photography © Anni Katrin Elmer

All rights reserved © 2019 Simona Sharafudinov